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 Construction Law (Homeowners & Businesses)

         Disputes arise frequently in the construction industry, especially in Florida. Contractors and homeowners may disagree on many things during a construction project, such as a contractual obligation, construction defects, proper contractor licensing and application of county and state building codes. To best ensure your investment is protected you should consult an attorney before beginning and throughout your project. An attorney can help you avoid or alleviate common construction nightmares such as unlicensed or unpermitted contracting, construction or financing payment disputes and construction liens, to name a few issues. 

In Florida there are thousands of licensed construction contractors and builders. Many of them have attorneys draft their contracts. Shouldn’t you also have an attorney looking out for your interests as well? Florida construction laws tend to protect sub-contractors the most, then contractors, then owners. Having an attorney draft your construction contract with only your rights and interests in mind may prevent disputes from becoming a construction nightmare, should an issue arise. Common issues encompassed in our construction law practice  include but are not limited to the following:

·         Construction & Financing Contracts

·         Construction Liens & Foreclosures

·         Breach of Contracts

·         Specific Performance

·         Zoning Disputes & Re-Zoning Applications

·         Applications for Variances

·         Land Use Disputes

·         Adverse Possession/Easements

·         Planned Developments

·         Project Disputes

·         Neighbor disputes & Boundary disputes

·         Easements/Rights of Way

 Construction Law (Contractors and Sub-Contractors)

        The first Florida Mechanics Lien Law was created in 1887 by the Florida Legislature. If you provide either materials or labor to improve property in Florida, you can secure payment through a lien on the property. The downturn of the real estate market in Florida created a huge surge in construction disputes. Florida Lien laws protect contractors and sub-contractors that provide materials or services and do not receive payment within a timely manner. 

        Are your accounts receivables creating a cash flow problem for your business? Florida Lien laws also provide for the recovery of attorneys fees and court costs incurred to enforce a valid construction lien.  So if you have to hire an attorney to get paid, and the court sides in your favor, then the debtor will end up paying for your legal costs. Common issues in construction law include but are not limited to the following:

  • Construction Liens & Foreclosure / Collection
  • Contractor and Sub-Contractor Representation
  • Drafting & Reviewing of Construction Contracts




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